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Strategic Alliance

WOW Company and Polin have announced a strategic alliance to deliver even greater value to their clients. Polin is the exclusive distributor of the original WOW Wave Ball for Maghreb, Balkans, Middle East and the Commonwealth of Independent States and Baltic countries.

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Strategic Alliance

American Wave Machines and Polin have announced a strategic alliance. As of November 2015, Polin became an exclusive global distributor for American Wave Machines in the burgeoning waterpark market. With surfing as the most aspirational sport, this partnership provides Polin the ability to design surf parks within their waterparks, opening up the coveted surfing demographic to their clients. The partnership provides clients with unique waterpark designs, competitive pricing, and fast turnaround. The partnership also improves service across the board and expands product offerings.

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New Generation Waves

New generation wave pool systems are engineered for of operation and maintenance, safety and of course lots of fun. We generate waves that will ensure hours of fun and laughter for your guests by turning the pool into an ocean for swimmers.

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Whatever you expect on a vacation, our rivers offer you! Relaxing, fun, adrenaline, being with your loved ones, thrilling or maybe experiencing the new adventures? Our rivers offer you all of them at the same time. May it be lazy for the ones seeking relaxation and crazy for the adventure lovers. We combine traditional rivers with our unique technologies for increasing the level of fun!

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We are committed to delivering experiences with the feeling of real waves. Creating ideal conditions for surfing in a safe and controlled environment, any time of the year, anywhere in the world is not rocket science because we have ground-breaking technologies, innovative perspective and a dedicated team of experts.

The fact that most of our clients are repeat customers demonstrates our commitment to provide them with an excellent service, innovation and finest quality & long-lasting products every time.

We generate waves that will ensure hours of fun and laughter for your guests. We are engineered for durability, ease of operation, maintenance, safety and of course, fun. Polin has perfected hundreds of exclusive and successful projects all around

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